Laundry Day

How can we make doing laundry more efficient and enjoyable for residents sharing a communal laundry facility?

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How can we foster a sense of commonality between people living in different places around the world?

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Beautyrest Black

How can we make shopping for bedsheets clearer and simpler for customers who are overwhelmed by the current experience?

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Stars of the Olympics

What does an interactive infographic for the Olympics look like when it puts an equal weight on event results and athlete achievement?

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As my main intern project at Hulu, I worked on expanding the functionality of the Hulu Apple Watch remote app. I sought to make content more accessible to users and to allow users to better control content directly from their watch. This project is not currently live, but if you are interested in learning more, please contact me directly at

About Melanie

I’m a 4th year New Media Design major at the Rochester Institute of Technology graduating this May. I’m from Boston and I love dogs, ice cream, and clever humor. I also dabble in photography; I own a Nikon F2 film camera that I inherited from my grandfather, as well as a Nikon D7100 SLR.

I’m currently seeking opportunities as a UX/UI Designer, and I’m particularly interested in digital product design. I’m happiest when looking at what makes a product useful, how a product can be improved, and how it evolves over time with changing users and changing technology. I’d like to help build products that make me ask these questions on a daily basis.

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